Top Dining Room Light Fixtures (Part 2)

As we mentioned in the first part of this blog series, nothing adds an impressive factor to your home’s dining room quite like a magnificent, well-placed light fixture does. Your dining room is where a majority of your guests will gather during a get-together, and it’s the room where you’ll spend some great moments and memories with your family members during the holidays. Having the perfect light fixtures for it is more important than you might initially believe.

Whether you’re looking to replace your dining room’s current interior lights or you’re looking for a fresh light fixture for your newly constructed home, we’re sure you’ll find something you love in our selection at M&M Lighting. We have been serving the Houston community since 1961, and our collection of interior lights include light fixtures from some of the best, most trusted brands in the nation. Schedule an appointment with one of our lighting experts today.

Continue reading below for the last three of our top six favorite types of dining room light fixtures. You can find Part 1 of this blog series here.

Wall Sconces

Great for general lighting or accent lighting, wall sconces can add a nice, subtle flair of design to your dining room. This type of interior lighting is installed directly on your walls, and for an optimal lighting situation, we recommend mounting one near each corner of your dining room.


Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Since this type of lighting fixture is directly attached to your ceiling, you can find some simple yet gorgeous styles of this light fixture for your dining room. Flush mounts usually allow light to filter out through some sort of glass or diffuser piece, meaning you don’t need a chandelier in order for your dining room to have an elegant ambiance.

We recommend light fixtures for homeowners with dining rooms on the smaller side.

Semi-Flush Mount Bowls, Shades & Lanterns

Hanging a little lower from the ceiling than a flush mount, this is another light fixture that is best if you’re looking for a light fixture for your dining room on the simpler, less flashy side. Semi-flush mounts come in an array of styles and designs, ranging from Tiffany-style bowls to modern glass lanterns.


Shop Interior Lights In Our Houston Lighting Showroom

What are you waiting for? Find interior lights for your dining room that will make a statement and showcase your unique sense of style and personality in our Houston lighting showroom.

M&M Lighting has been a lighting store staple in the community for more than 50 years. Our lighting specialists are knowledgeable and stay current on modern lighting design trends, so we can help connect you with a light fixture that will help you attain the lighting goals you have for your dining room. On top of that, we’re family-owned-and-operated, which means we will spend more time assisting you than any other corporate store in town.

Stop by our Houston lighting store today to view our interior lights in-person. You can also browse our selection of lighting products online, if that’s more convenient for your schedule.

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