Top Dining Room Light Fixtures (Part 1)

Nothing adds a “wow” factor to your dining room quite like an impressive light fixture does. Ranging from chandeliers to wall sconces, there are many different interior lights you can choose from to adequately and beautifully light this room in your house best known for hosting guests and sharing high-quality meals.

At M&M Lighting, we have a wide selection of interior lights in our Houston lighting showroom. Whether you’re looking for a brand new dining room light fixture or you’re simply replacing your current one, our lighting specialists can connect you with one that will turn your dining room design dreams into a reality. Visit our lighting showroom today to get started.

Continue reading below for the first three of our top six favorite types of dining room light fixtures that will enhance the overall ambiance of the room. Check out Part 2 of this blog series here.


Often a popular choice among homeowners, chandeliers are a sophisticated, elegant and classic light fixture that you can add to your dining room. Our styles for chandeliers range from traditional to contemporary, meaning you can opt for a classic crystal chandelier or a chandelier that boasts elements of iron or copper.

Interested in installing a chandelier somewhere other than your dining room? Check out our recent blog post for additional tips and advice on how you can successfully do so!

Pendant Lights

Versatile and beautiful in any space, pendant lights come in an array of styles and sizes that make them an excellent lighting design choice for your dining room. They are easy to install and should be installed about 30 to 35 inches above your dining room table.

For a more modern look, consider a pendant light with a lampshade feature. For a more classic look, consider a pendant light with crystal or glass features.

Track Lighting

If you’re looking for a more unique element of lighting design, opt for track lighting fixtures in your dining room. This lighting type is a softer yet more adjustable lighting option that is more commonly seen in homes with a modern, contemporary or industrial style.

You can have this type of lighting fixture installed directly into your ceiling, or you can choose track lighting that hangs down a little. Either way, we recommend installing track lighting fixtures on each side of your ceiling for a balanced lighting effect.


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Visit our Houston lighting store today, or browse our selection of lighting products online. Again, you can check out Part 2 of this blog series here.