Natural Finishes for the Fall

Natural Finishes for the Fall

The fall is upon us, which means pleasantly cooler temperatures here in Houston, Texas. Here at M&M Lighting, a local lighting store, we offer the best indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as landscape lighting, ceiling fans, and home accents. Learn more about using natural finishes for your fall decor, and stop by today!


Woven Rattan

Rattan is a natural vine that grows in Australia, Asia, and Africa. It has been used in weaving for hundreds of years, and it has become a popular material for natural finish fixtures. There are more than 600 different species of rattan, so you can get unique looks with this material easily. You can find woven rattan fixtures for every room in your home.


Woven Bamboo

You'll find a lot of woven bamboo natural finishes that are popular for pendants and in light, airy spaces like the kitchen. Natural finishes are easy to match with any decor, and they add wonderful lighting variety. Plus, many woven bamboo fixtures are see-through, so they are great for general and task lighting in spaces.


Woven Jute

Jute is a natural material and plant fiber that is usually spun into long threads that are extremely durable and strong. It has many uses, including being used for clothing and bags, and it is found in South Asia. You'll find jute used in many different types of lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, and lanterns. Shop with us today.


All Types of Wood

Another great natural finish for the fall is a wood fixture. Coming in all types of wood and styles, such as Farmhouse, wood finishes are perfect to match your flooring or your other furniture. They can bring cohesion to your space easily. Many wood finishes are combined with other types of finishes, such as black matte, for a unique and sophisticated look you'll love. Ask one of our ALA-certified lighting designers for recommendations today.


M&M Lighting is proud to be your trusted source for all your lighting needs in the greater Houston area. With years of experience our certified lighting designers can't wait to help you design your home or office space, whether using natural finish fixtures or any others. We're here to help ensure you find the perfect lighting solution, from an elaborate dining room chandelier to the best front porch light to welcome guests. Furthermore, we offer a plethora of furniture and home decor items that can help make your space functional, too. Because we do have such a wide selection of the best brands, we encourage you to take advantage of our free lighting design consultations in order to get the most out of your lighting.

If you are looking for a natural finish fixture for the fall or any other type of lighting, stop by our lighting showroom in Houston today!