Lighting up Your Pool and Water Features for Summer Fun and Relaxation

Lighting up Your Pool and Water Features for Summer Fun and Relaxation

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to light up your pool and water features for some fun and relaxation. Imagine your backyard becoming an oasis for your family and friends to gather, enjoy the warm weather, and make lasting memories. Lighting is key to making that happen, and in this blog post, we’ll explore some options for illuminating your pool and water features. If you are looking for the best lighting for your outdoor living spaces, stop by M&M Lighting in Houston, and view our large selection of outdoor lighting today.



Outdoor lanterns are an excellent way to add both ambiance and functionality to your pool area. They can be hung from nearby trees or placed on end tables or surfaces. Not only do they provide soft lighting for swimmers, but they also create a lovely atmosphere for those who are lounging on the patio. You can choose from a wide range of styles and materials, including traditional lanterns, modern styles, and tropical-themed lanterns to match your aesthetic.



Accent lights are another popular option for pool and water feature lighting. They can be used to highlight specific areas of your pool or water feature, such as the waterfall or a particular plant, and they create a beautiful and elegant effect. You can also use accent lights to highlight the architecture of your home or outdoor living space. Choose waterproof fixtures with LEDs for long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting.



Candles are a classic option for outdoor lighting, and they are perfect for setting a romantic or relaxing mood around the pool or water feature area. Flameless battery-powered candles are a safe choice and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Place them inside lanterns, use floating candles in the pool, or light them on fire pits or tabletops for an added touch of warmth and ambiance.



If you have a pathway leading to the pool at your Houston home, path lighting can not only provide safety, but also add a charming touch to your outdoor space. Choose from solar-powered lamps, wired lighting, or LED bulbs. You can select different colors, patterns, and intensities that coordinate with your overall lighting scheme. Path lighting can also be used to light up a garden or other features in your backyard, making it a versatile option.


Adding lighting to your pool and water features is a fantastic way to create a dreamy outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy. Not only do they keep swimmers safe, but they also add an aesthetic value to your outdoor space. From enhancing water features to creating an underwater oasis, the possibilities for lighting up your outdoor space are endless, and upgrading your pool with lighting is a smart investment in your home's value. Let the lighting designers at M&M Lighting ensure your outdoor space is perfect. Stop by our Houston lighting store today!

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