How To Use Your Ceiling Fan In The Winter

Most people know that ceiling fans can help keep them warmer and lower utility bills in the winter. But, they may not know the details of it all. M&M Lighting is a lighting store that has been serving Houston since 1961; below, we'll take a look at how to use your ceiling fan in the winter. Shop in person or online today!


Reverse Your Fan Blades to Clockwise

The first step in taking advantage of your ceiling fan in the winter is to reverse the blades of your fan. Now, instead of pushing the air down, creating a chilling effect in the summer, your fan blades will push the air up, helping your fan to better distribute the air inside your room.


How It Works

As the blades move, they will pick up the warm air in the room. Your ceiling fan will then push this air towards the ceiling. This then moves the air at the top of the room (which is warm air since warm air rises) back down to the ground. The longer you run the fan, the warmer your room will be.


Save You Money

Who doesn't like to save money? By using your ceiling fan in the winter, you'll be able to save on heating costs. Your rooms will be warmer, so you can reduce the temperature of your thermostat, thereby using less energy.


Use Only When You Are Present in the Room

To get the maximum benefit from your ceiling fans in the winter, it's best to use them only when you are present in the room. Otherwise, the room is better heated, but no one is directly benefiting from it. Ceiling fans can only distribute the heat in one room, not your entire home.


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