How To Pair Differently Styled Interior Light Fixtures

At one point in your life, you’ll likely have to find the best lighting that works in your home. Whether that’s because you moved into a house that is completely outdated or you’re starting from scratch with a newly constructed home, you want to ensure the light fixtures you choose are both functional and beautiful.

But how do you find interior light fixtures that best match your style? What if your budget doesn’t allow you to get all matching lights at once? What if your style is a little more on the eclectic and creative side? No matter what, we’re sure you can find unmatching light fixtures that will still look uniformed and great in every room in your home.

In today’s blog post, we’ll review how you can effectively pair differently styled interior light fixtures so you can mix and match with intention. At M&M Lighting, our lighting store in Houston is best known for our unrivaled selection of interior lights and ceiling fans. No matter your style or budget, we’re sure you’ll find something you adore. Visit us today to get started!

Continue reading below for our four tips on properly pairing differently styled interior light fixtures without making your home look completely random and scattered.

Determine A Focal Point

If you want to incorporate various styles of light fixtures in a room, choose one to be the main focal point. This focal piece should immediately grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room — ultimately serving as a distraction from the other decorations and fixtures in the room.

We suggest hanging an elaborate chandelier as your show-stopper, or you can find other beautiful ceiling lights that will suffice as well. At this point, this centerpiece fixture can allow you to install other, less flashy light fixtures in the room for functional purposes.

Whether these fixtures are lamps used for accent lighting or wall lights for task lighting, you can get creative with the actual style of these since most people’s attention will be fixated on your focal piece. Making a unique piece a focal point and accompanying it with less bold fixtures provides a nice contrast for any of the rooms in your home.

Choose A Common Theme

Even if your light fixtures don’t match to a T, you can still choose a general theme for a room and choose light fixtures that best correlate to that specific theme. When you find light fixtures that share a common attribute, you’ll be surprised at how tied together the room will feel — even when everything isn’t perfectly matching.

For example, you can choose to only incorporate lights with drum-shaped shades, or you can choose to solely have light fixtures with the same color scheme. Whatever you end up choosing, you can rest assured that your room won’t look too dramatic if you opt for a common theme among your light fixtures.

Match Your Finishes

One of the best ways to ensure your mixed and matched light fixtures match more than they do mix is to choose lights with the same finishings. What does that mean? If you want rose gold finishes in your home, choose it for every light fixture — no matter the style. You can get more creative with your fixture styles when you don’t mix finishes, too.

For example, you could have a variety of interior lights in your living, such as a chandelier, wall sconces, table lamps and a fan. This might seem like a lot of different shapes to factor in from an interior design standpoint, but if they’re all gold or black or silver, your room won’t seem like it’s overdramatically clashing.

Get Creative With Shapes

Paired with our tips above, we encourage homeowners to opt for whatever shaped light fixtures that best match their desired look or style. For example, you can have the overall shape of a chandelier in a room match the same shape of sconces on the wall — as long as they match the same theme or finishing.

We like to think of pairing light fixtures in a way that is similar to pairing jewelry to your outfit — you want to enhance the room without adding too many overwhelming features.


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Don’t allow your home to look too commercial by having a home with entirely matching fixtures. Get creative and find lighting styles that are unique while still remaining cohesive! Stop by our Houston lighting store today to see our interior light fixture selection in person, and don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for additional lighting tips and advice.