How To Choose The Perfect Prints For Your Home

When it comes to the overall ambiance of your home, you want to ensure that it’s well-decorated to both impress yourself and any guests who visit your humble abode. A lot of the time, that ambiance relies on the prints and pieces of artwork you choose to place throughout your home.

We truly believe that home accents can pull together each and every room throughout your house, which is why in today’s blog post, we’ll go over how you can choose the perfect prints or your home. If you’re looking for high-quality, unique home accents, check out our selection at M&M Lighting. Our Houston lighting showroom offers more than just lighting products — we offer an impressive array of home accents, ranging from mirrors and shelves to prints and clocks. Visit us today to check out what we have to offer in person.

Continue reading below for a few of our tips on choosing prints for your home that will add that “wow factor” you’ve always dreamed of.

Find The Right Piece

Finding the right prints for your home is fairly simple — search for prints that match your personal style taste, hobbies and interests.

Do you like spending time in nature, or you do find the aesthetics of city lights inspiring? Do you tend to opt for a more traditional or modern style? Are you more drawn to photos or paintings? These are questions you can ask yourself when looking for the perfect print for your home. We suggest that you choose a print that is visually inspiring to you that will match whatever room you decide to place it in.

It’s common for some homeowners to find a piece of art and then structure the rest of the room around that specific print. You can opt to do this, or if you aren’t committed to making this piece of art a primary focal point of your desired room, you can find a space in the room where it can fill empty, boring space or add enhance the overall visual appeal.

Pro tip: Consider the scale and size of the piece of art you choose. You don’t want the print to be overwhelmingly large in a smaller room — or vise versa. Also, consider the amount of art that is already in a room. You don’t want to add a print to a room that will make it feel cluttered.

Find A Great Way To Display It

Once you finally find the right piece of art for your home, come up with a way to display it. That may be through framing it, or it may be through leaving the canvas alone.

Framing tends to draw more attention to a specific piece of art in a room, since you can choose a frame color that contrasts the color of the wall in the room you want to display your print. If you decide to leave the print untouched, this is a great option, too, and it can feel the room feel more raw or intimate.


Determine Where To Place It

You don’t want to just randomly hang your print wherever you see fit. You want to strategically place your artwork so that it effectively ties the entire room together or adds some sort of value to the room.

The center of the print should at least be at eye level, and it shouldn’t be cluttered next to or hidden by other prints or home accents in the room.

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