How Shopping Our Local Lighting Showroom Helps the Community

Most people have heard the slogan "shop local" when it comes to their community. However, some people may not understand the importance of shopping locally. M&M Lighting is a top-rated lighting showroom, offering residential and commercial exterior and interior lighting to those in the Houston area. Many of our team members are certified by Lightolier and the American Lighting Association, giving them a breadth of knowledge to share with you. Below, we'll go over some ways that shopping at our local lighting showroom helps the community. Stop by our lighting showroom, or browse online today!


Keeps Dollars At Home

Let's face it, many towns and cities can be short on cash in order to accomplish all of the tasks they want to that can benefit their communities. When you shop locally, more of your tax dollars stay here rather than being shipped somewhere else. In fact, this number can be as high as four times the amount versus when you shop online. This, in turn, can be more money to build and offer community services, such as libraries and recreation centers.


Builds a Stronger Community Overall

By buying locally, you are showing your overall support for the small businesses in your community. This is a ripple effect that affects the entire community. When you shop locally, your local business will have more resources to purchase their supplies from local vendors, which supports and builds their business, too. It helps to grow more jobs and keep people loving your community as much as you do.


Helps Save the Environment Everywhere

If you drive down any major road, odds are, you'll see a lot of truckers moving goods from one place to another. While this is vital to the strength of the U.S. economy, it does take its environmental toll. From the manufacturing of the goods themselves to the carbon emissions from cars and trucks, the environment can be impacted both locally and abroad. By shopping locally, the need for transportation is reduced, saving fuel and helping save other businesses money, too.


Offers a Better Selection

By shopping locally, you are helping to support local artisans who sell their goods to you. Local artisans bring so much value to the table with their unique creations that serve to beautify our lives. Small businesses also cater to their community's unique tastes and values, stocking items that they know locals love. You'll be keeping the selection unique in our community, which offers a better shopping experience and value to you.


"Everyone Knows Your Name"

As cliche as it can be, the slogan "everyone knows your name" rings true at our Houston lighting showroom. We do our best to get to know our customers. We listen carefully to their needs and make appropriate suggestions. We take the stance of education, doing our best to fill our customers in on the different types of lighting and their uses. Our lighting specialists are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. We love lighting, and we want you to love it, too!


A Place Where You Matter

When you shop online, the entire experience can be impersonal. If you're lucky, you're greeted by a bot, who, most likely, is more annoying than helpful. You make your selection, put it in the cart, and check out. You get a "thank you," but it doesn't seem all that genuine. When you shop at our local lighting store in Houston, you matter. We take an interest in what you are looking for and do our best to help. Your purchase goes a lot further with us, and we appreciate everyone who walks through our doors, supporting our mission and helping us to keep our doors open.


M&M Lighting is proud to be your lighting store of choice. We've been serving the residents of Houston since 1961, and we are honored and proud to continue to do so. Our family-owned company offers the best customer service, and we do our best to find you exactly what you are looking for. Our helpful lighting specialists can offer advice and inform you of the latest in lighting trends. With years of experience, they are experts at lighting and home decor, helping make your home truly divine.

If you are in need of indoor, outdoor, or landscape lighting, as well as fans and home accents, stop by our lighting showroom, or browse online today!