Decorating with Stylish Home Accents

When you have one or more rooms in your home to decorate, you might be uncertain where to start and which home decor items are appropriate for each room. Whether you are decorating a new home for the first time or swapping out existing home accents in your home to give rooms a new look, choosing the right decor items is essential for creating the look and feel you want in a space. If you struggle with choosing the right home accents for your home, you’re not alone. In today’s post, we’ll provide a room-by-room home accents guide to help you in your decorating endeavors.

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Room-By-Room Home Accents Guide

Kitchen and Dining

When you have family and friends over, the kitchen and dining areas are popular places to hang out and catch up. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook decorating these areas beyond the standard furnishings, such as dining tables, china hutches, and buffets. Incorporating home accents like mirrors and candles into your decor is an affordable way to add some style and warmth to these rooms. Mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes, and you are sure to find one that suits the overall mood of your room. For example, round mirrors are informal and fun with their soft curves, whereas square and rectangular mirrors are better suited to formal environments because of their straight lines and sharp angles.


Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Your master bedroom is where you start and end your day. As such, many homeowners want to decorate it in a manner that is pleasing to their senses. Likewise, master bathrooms are no longer the utilitarian rooms they once were. Why not include home accents that will help you start your day right and easily relax in the evenings? Hanging decorative prints in your bedroom that align with the existing decor and color palette is a simple way to tie the decorative elements of the room together. Including candles with elegant candle holders in your master bathroom can instantly give the room a spa-like appearance while providing soft illumination for your relaxing baths in your soaker tub.

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Living Room

Like your kitchen and dining area, your living room likely sees its fair share of use. Whether you are helping the kids with their homework, watching your favorite television show, or relaxing on the couch with a book, the decor of the room should provide a cohesive sense of style in order to promote relaxation. For homeowners who have a taste for fine art, hanging an oil painting from a favorite artist is a great way of adding character to a room, and the artwork will provide an interesting topic of conversation for you and your guests. Vases and planters also add an element of sophistication to living rooms, and they can be filled with a wide variety of fillers and plants that coordinate with your furniture.


If your home features a den, office, or other room designated for quiet reflection or studying, it is important to decorate it in a manner that will not distract the occupants from their task at hand. Because of this, simple home accents that provide timeless elegance are often incorporated into these rooms. Abstract wall plaques not only add interest to otherwise stark, empty walls, but they also provide sophisticated beauty to a room. Oversized decorative clocks are a popular choice for larger rooms, and if you have several books on display in your office or den, the right shelving and bookends can really tie the room together. The key to properly designing this type of space is often outfitting it with simple and elegant home accents.

Houston Lighting Design and Home Accents

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