Chandeliers For Rooms Other Than Your Kitchen and Dining Rooms

There are two go-to places in a home where homeowners decide to hang their colossal, luxurious chandeliers — the kitchen and the dining room. Those are great rooms to place chandeliers, but what about the other rooms in your home? If you think you’re limited to the kitchen and dining room to hang a chandelier, think otherwise.

You can jazz up any room in your home with the placement of chandeliers, and at M&M Lighting in Houston, Texas, our chandelier collection can cater to any of your rooms’ styles and designs. Schedule an appointment today with one of our lighting specialists to find the perfect chandeliers for your home!

In this blog post, we’ll go over at least five other rooms and areas of your home (that aren’t your kitchen or dining rooms) where you can strategically and stylishly hang chandeliers.

1. The Bathroom

Sure, this is a fairly unconventional room that usually doesn’t see much glamour or elegance, but adding a chandelier can add a unique flair that completely changes the atmosphere of the room. We suggest placing a large one in the middle of the room or above your bathtub, or you can hang smaller chandeliers above your bathroom sinks.

Picture this: You get home from a long day at work and fix yourself a bubble bath. You look up and see your large, beautiful crystal chandelier with a book by your side. Honestly, we’re relaxed just thinking about it for you.

2. Outside Of Your Home

If you didn’t know that outdoor chandeliers were a thing, we’re here to tell you they are and that they add an alluring design element to the exterior of your home. In Houston, we love enjoying the outdoors when the weather gets warm. If you have a porch, backyard patio, or some other sort of outdoor seating area, outdoor chandeliers can add sensible nighttime lighting and impress your guests with their intricate designs.

3. The Bedroom

If you opt to add chandeliers to your bedroom, you can get as simple or creative as you’d like. A simple addition would be to place one chandelier in the middle of your bedroom, preferably above your bed. If you wanted to spice up your home’s design a bit and go for a more unique design element, you could place two smaller chandeliers above your bed’s side tables. This method saves you table space so you have more room for storage, photos or décor.

4. The Office

Your home office is a space where you get work done — hopefully in an effective and efficient manner. Adding a chandelier can breathe life into this typically mundane space and increase your overall workflow. Look good, feel good, right?

5. The Laundry Room

Transform this room of chores into a room of luxurious duties by simply adding a chandelier. You can choose either a bold statement piece or a delicate fixture to admire when you’re trying to figure out how your washing machine ate yet another sock of yours.


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