A Guide to Types of Ceiling Fans

Typically, people don’t spend much of their time thinking about their ceiling fans, but believe it or not, the type of ceiling fans you choose for your home can have a significant impact on the look and feel of each room. Different types of ceiling fans offer different cooling options and aesthetic benefits. This week’s M&M lighting blog discusses different types of ceiling fans and which might be best for your home.

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Standard Ceiling Fans

The majority of homes have standard ceiling fans, as they are very versatile and are available in many different styles. They’re convenient because they can match almost any color and types of home decor.

Traditionally, standard ceiling fans have four or five blades, a variety of operating mechanisms and a built-in lighting feature. The blades can be made of many different materials, from wood to durable plastic.

Standard ceiling fans are best if you’re looking for a convenient lighting option that will match with your current home decor. They’re easily customizable, so you can choose one with the color, material, and type of lighting fixture that you’re looking for.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Your home may have low clearance between the floors and ceilings, in which case a low profile ceiling fan may work best. Instead of using a downrod, these fans are mounted directly on the mounting bracket, which helps save space.

While the air flow from these fans may not be as powerful as other options, low profile fans still help to move air through the rooms in your home, allowing you to use your air conditioner less often.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Dual motor ceiling fans have two motors, and they offer a center motor housing that’s attached to two horizontal rods, each with an adjustable fan. If you’re searching for a fan with lots of personality and you’re more focused on the decorative aspect of things, dual motor fans are an excellent choice. They typically work best when placed in a large room due to their ability to circulate air over greater distances than other fans.

Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fans

Energy Star-rated ceiling fans are designed to be a more energy efficient option for your home. Any Energy Star-rated ceiling fan must use 20-30% less energy than what federal standards require. This helps you save money on energy and protect the environment by consuming less.

These types of ceiling fans are best for those looking to save money on energy bills and benefit the environment.

Wet and Damp Ceiling Fans

Wet and damp ceiling fans are outside ceiling fans that resist damage due to humidity and moisture. They are designed with water-resistant motors and all-weather blades. Luckily, these types of fans are made in a variety of styles and designs, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something that matches your current decor.

Choose the Ceiling Fans Houston Relies On

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