5 Tips For Home Office Lighting

When you opt to work from home, there are many advantages that come with doing so. For example, you get to add your own décor and personal style to your home office, and you have more control over functional features in the room, such as lighting. Your home office is where you’ll get work done — literally — which is why choosing the right interior lights for it is more important than you might think. At M&M Lighting in Houston, Texas, our team of lighting specialists can help find your ideal interior lights for your home’s office. Contact us today!

If you're looking to improve the lighting in your home office, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we offer five tips that will optimize the lighting in your home’s office.

1. Utilize natural lighting.

Before adding any lighting to your home office, evaluate the room and see how natural light affects it at certain hours of the day. Take note of any windows and skylights, as natural sunlight creates a warm lighting that will improve your overall working atmosphere.

We recommend putting any natural light in front of (or next to) any of your work tables and computer or tablet screens. This will give you a nice view of the outside while also minimizing any glare. If necessary, invest in some blinds or shades for the sunnier parts of the day.

2. Take advantage of accent and decorative lighting.

Get personal and creative with your workspace and add any accent or decorative lighting that suits your fancy. These interior lights won’t only add functionality but can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home office.

We suggest adding personalized wall lights to give your home office visual appeal, or if you want to add a more unique element, you can add a chandelier.

3. Avoid direct lighting.

Working under a direct glare of overhead lights can oftentimes be harsh and unpleasant. We suggest utilizing lampshades and other ambient lighting options to soften any hard light. You can also play with angles of your lighting fixtures to provide your home office with the most illumination without any glare or shadows.

4. Choose task lighting.

The lighting in your office should be very task-focused. For example, if you work at a computer, you want a light source that illuminates that specific object. Or, if your workspace has multiple stations — think a table for a computer and phone, a filing area, or a table to review any files or documents — you want a lighting source dedicated for each of those tasks.

If you need to highlight any specific areas in your home office, consider an adjustable desk lamp or floor lamp. You could also opt to install ceiling lights above those spaces to save you table room.

5. Add any finishing touches.

After you establish the lighting for your home office space, from your natural light usage to your ceiling lights to any lamps of your choice, you need to add any finishing touches. Make sure you add any light bulbs to your interior light fixtures as necessary and add any home accents, such as mirrors or picture lighting to the room.


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