5 Benefits Of Installing A Ceiling Fan In Your Home

Ceiling fans serve more than just an aesthetic purpose inside and outside of your home. Sure, they can be absolutely beautiful — some boasting subtle details, and others unique colors and shapes. But they also serve a purpose of strict functionality, and there are many benefits you can reap if you opt to install ceiling fans throughout your Houston home.

At M&M Lighting, we offer a large selection of ceiling fans for you to choose from, ranging from huggers all the way to large, elaborate fans. We also offer fan accessories, such as fan blades, light kits and other fan controls. No matter your style — contemporary, traditional or perhaps something completely out of the ordinary — we know you’ll find a ceiling fan you absolutely adore in our Houston lighting showroom. Visit us today to find the perfect ceiling fans for your home.

Continue reading below to learn about five reasons you should consider installing ceiling fans throughout the rooms in your home.

1. They’ll lower your energy bills.

This is a benefit that will probably be most appealing to the average homeowner, because let’s be honest — who doesn’t love saving money? Ceiling fans have been proven to lower the energy costs in your homes by up to 30 to 40 percent.

They don’t actually lower the temperature in your room, though. They simply provide a draft that makes the room feel cooler, which means you can raise your thermostat and not feel like you’re dying of heat during the summertime.

2. They can become the main decorative focal point of the room.

Since ceiling fans come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, you can get creative with your interior design skills and try to make a ceiling fan the main focal point of the room. Check out our ceiling fan guide to learn more about how you can create a decorative effect with your ceiling fans!

3. They can be extremely versatile from room-to-room.

Ceiling fans can be utilized in practically every room in your home — your bedrooms, living room, kitchen or even outdoors. They are a versatile type of ceiling fixture, and we truly believe there’s no such thing as having “too many ceiling fans” in your home.


4. Ceiling fans can serve as beautiful light fixtures, too.

You can install lighting on your ceiling fans, meaning they can have lighting duties on top of their cooling duties. It can’t get any better than a two birds, one stone kind of situation, right?

Whether you choose a ceiling fan with lighting already built in, or you decide to purchase a lighting kit to install lighting separately, you’ll have the opportunity to optimize the lighting in any room you install a ceiling fan in.

5. They provide year-round value.

A lot of people associate turning on their ceiling fans with the summertime and warmer months only, but that isn’t necessarily the only means for their usage. Fun fact: ceiling fans can also be used in the wintertime to circulate warm air in the rooms in your home!

Overall, ceiling fans are valuable no matter what month of the year you’re in, and they make for a great addition in any room of your home — even in the areas outside of your home as well, if you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor fan.

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