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Wall sconces are simple or ornate light fixtures that are attached directly to the wall. These lights are great above your vanity, to the side, or anywhere you feel like extra lighting is needed. Typically speaking, larger mirrors have multiple sconces installed above while medium sized mirrors have smaller sconces placed on both sides.

Thanks to modern lighting design, wall sconces come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits any look you’re going for. Scones come in single, double, triple, or even four or more lights in one fixture.



The primary function of vanity lighting is practical and functional beauty. As the main area for your grooming and self-care routines, getting the lighting right around your bathroom vanity will cut down on shadows and help you ensure you look your best.

While many people like sconces, it’s also popular to add twin light fixtures over your vanity. Also, keep in mind that for a bathroom with double sinks, it’s important for both sides to get an adequate amount of light.

Bistro Two Light Sconce | Milton Road Bath Sconce

Danbury Four Light Fixture | Miriam Bath Fixture



Recessed lighting are common fixtures seen in modern bathrooms. These fixtures are installed inside a hollow opening and used strategically to provide ambient lighting throughout your bathroom. They are extremely versatile and are great for lighting shower stalls with watertight lenses.

Their low profile makes the fixture itself practically invisible, while still providing beautiful lighting that spreads across your bathroom. An even spread is the way to go with these types of ceiling lights.

Lytecaster Downlight | Philips Lightolier Downlight | Lytecaster Eyeball | Lytecaster Adjustable


While recessed lighting will make up the majority of your ceiling lights in the bathroom, there’s nothing quite like a hanging chandelier right over your tub. Whether you decide to go with classic and extravagant or modern and trendy, a chandelier delivers a wow factor for your bathroom like nothing else.

Keep in mind that if you are going to hang a chandelier above your tub, the National Electrical Code requires that you hang a chandelier (or any light or vent from that matter) at least eight feet above your tub.





While you can use pendant lighting in your bathroom much like you would a chandelier, another popular way to incorporate this type of light fixture is to hang mini pendant lights near your vanity.

As with any light in the bathroom, make sure to purchase lighting products that are wet rated for your protection and the longevity of the fixture itself.

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