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Under Cabinet Lighting

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Under cabinet lighting is the ideal lighting choice for flexible task lighting in the bath, kitchen and home office. This type of lighting offers exceptional versatility, control over lighting conditions, and also provides easy to install safety lighting at its best.

Light Bulb Selection

The type of light bulb is a major factor in selecting an under cabinet light:

  • Fluorescent, halogen, and xenon are the main choices of light bulbs. Each type has there advantages and disadvantages.
  • Fluorescent bulbs are the most energy efficient - give out the most light per watt. However, the color rendering of fluorescents are not good.
  • Halogen bulbs have good color rendering (warm tones), but are more expensive, only last 2000 hours, and are hotter in temperature.
  • Xenon bulbs also have high color rendering, last between 5000-10000 hours, and are not as hot as halogens.

Maximizing Versatility with Undercabinet Lighting

Today’s lighting manufacturers offer many sizes and styles of lighting fixtures giving you great versatility in home lighting.

  • Invisible Task Lighting: Slim light fixtures are practically invisible when used under kitchen cabinets to highlight kitchen countertops.
  • Safety Lighting: Using mini-strips along the bath and kitchen toe kicks provides a gentle nightlight, especially helpful in the kids’ bathrooms.
  • Lighting Energy Savings: Fluorescent and xenon lighting is a superb choice to save on energy costs compared to traditional overhead incandescent lighting choices.
  • Maximum Lighting Flexibility: Undercabinet lighting is available in plug-together modules. Modules can be strung together for task lighting from one hard-wired fixture along a series of kitchen cabinets and even around corners.
  • Personal Lighting Control: Fixtures can be used with dimmer switches to boost undercabinet lighting control. Models are also available that are adjustable by hand to aim the light exactly where you need it.
  • Under Shelf Lighting: Compact shelf lighting doubles as under shelf lighting. Favorite collections are easily displayed with ultra-slim fixtures.

M&M Lighting Service Professionals

Each member of our sales and service staff has been thoroughly trained on every type and every brand of cabinet lighting we stock. We are knowledgeable about the trends and innovations for all types of lighting. Our commitment is to quality at every level. Each different application may require different undercabinet lighting fixtures. We can offer solid advice and make experienced recommendations for the right lighting for your home. We are also available to answer questions about various lighting options. M&M Lighting can assist you for all of your lighting needs.

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