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Track lighting fixtures offers the most flexibility in locating and aiming lights. You can install track virtually anywhere where light is needed, create runs and patterns of any length, attach a wide variety of lighting fixtures to the track, aim them however you want, and move them as required. Track lighting can support all four basic lighting functions: accent (which is most important), ambient, and task. Track lighting helps to set the mood of a home, as well as to provide functional illumination. A track lighting system consists of the track, connectors, power feeds, lighting elements (spotlights), and accessories. The track sections plug together with various connectors, forming straight runs or patterns, and are energized by the power feeds. The lighting elements attach to the track, drawing power from it.

Lighting Artworks / Featured Objects

Track lighting can also be used to properly light artworks and featured products.  To light artworks and other featured objects, spotlights should be vertically aimed at a 30 angle. The track should generally be located 24” to 30” from the wall for a typical 8’ or 9’ ceiling. Use one spotlight for small objects, two or more for large ones. Avoid placing the track near the middle of the room; people tend to find themselves in the beam of light.

Lighting Walls

To wash a wall, locate the track 24” to 30” from the wall. Use one wall washer or flood light for every two or three feet of lighted wall. Space them evenly.
To highlight textured surfaces, such as brick, stone, or rough wall coverings, light should graze the surface from a steep angle. Here, the track should be located within 12” of the wall for the proper aiming. Use one spotlight per foot of wall and lamps with narrow beams of light.

Track Lighting Professionals

Our sales associates are ALA Certified Lighting Consultants (CLC) who are highly trained in track lighting designs. Call us today or visit our showroom to speak to one of our track lighting consultants.

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