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Light Bulbs

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Types of Light Bulbs

Incandescent Light Bulbs:

The most popular type of general purpose indoor bulbs purchased today, the incandescent lamp can be found in most lighting fixtures and in every room in the home. From 4-watt night lights to 250-watt security flood lights, standard soft white to color enhancing, we have a broad selection of shapes, wattages and voltages. Incandescent bulbs have the least expensive purchase price and are available in energy-efficient, long-life and shatter-resistant varieties. Specialty incandescent lamps shaped like a candle flame are perfect for chandeliers; some even create movement and emulate the flickering flame of true candlelight.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs:

A fluorescent is not just a bare “shop light” anymore. Fluorescent lamps are available in many shapes and sizes for any room and provide a brighter light, high efficiency and increased longevity. From compact 3-way fluorescents that screw in standard lamp sockets to dimmable color-enhancing fluorescents, there is a fluorescent bulb for any lighting situation. Fluorescent lamps use up to 80 percent less energy than an incandescent and have a lifespan nearly 20 times as long -up to an eight-year life for some models. Fluorescent bulbs are available in a variety of shades from a warm bright white to a cool diffused white and can be found in instant-on, flicker-free varieties. Compact fluorescent lights are sized to replace standard incandescents in lamps and lighting fixtures to increase energy savings and bulb life. For greater safety, some fluorescent models are manufactured to be shatter-resistant. Fluorescent bulbs are perfect for hard-to-reach lighting fixtures.

Halogen Light Bulbs:

Halogens are ideal for accent lighting, desk lamps and outdoor security lighting. Extremely energy efficient, halogen lamps provide more light for the same energy cost - lasting up to three times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. The bright white light generated by halogen flood bulbs and spotlights lend themselves perfectly to recessed lighting and track lighting. Because the beam can be accurately directed, low voltage halogens are an excellent choice for lighting artwork or for emphasizing a focal point in a room. Outdoors, halogen bulbs are effective for hard-to-reach security lighting and landscape lighting because of their longevity and energy efficiency.

Which light bulb is best?

  • Low Initial Cost: Incandescents (standard general purpose) are the most popular - create warm light, are the easiest to install and least expensive. But incandescent bulbs generate heat, offer low energy efficient and have the shortest life of any lamp type.
  • Energy Efficiency: Fluorescents provide greater energy efficiency, from 10,000 to 20,000 hours (5-13 times longer than incandescent).
    Halogens produce a brighter light and have a longer life than incandescents, from 3,000 to 5,000 hours (two times longer).
  • Need for High Light Volume: Fluorescents offer high light levels and energy efficiency over long hours of operation.
  • Outdoors in Damp or Wet Environment: PAR incandescent or halogen landscape and security bulbs are most effective for outdoor security fixtures, patio lighting and all types of landscape lighting.
  • Hard-to-Reach Fixtures: Fluorescent or halogen provide the greatest longevity.
  • Retrofitting Existing Lamps and Light Fixtures: Long-life fluorescent or halogen can enhance energy efficiency and increase light longevity.
  • Specialty Uses: Color-enhancing - incandescents bring out reds, yellows and browns.
    Fluorescents - enhance blues and greens, and are available in a variety of color options.
    Low voltage halogens are excellent for rendering true color and are used to highlight artwork.
    Insect deterring incandescent bug lights - ideal for porches, patios, garages and decks.
    Décor lamps - candle and flame shapes are used in chandeliers; globes are popular for the bath and dressing table.

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