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To add beauty and excitement to an entry/foyer or dining room, consider adorning the space with a decorative lighting fixture such as a chandelier. Chandeliers originated from candle holders where they held several candles to dispel the darkness. This lighting fixture hung down from the ceiling to illuminate the room and also helped to reduce the hazard of fires. Chandeliers create a focal glow from the warm and inviting light suggesting a pleasant ambiance and feeling of intimacy. For a more festive or formal appearance, crystal chandeliers are an eye pleaser. These lighting fixtures (i.e. chandeliers) come in various styles such as traditional, modern, contemporary, and eclectic as well as different types such as Tiffany and crystal, and sizes.

Dining Room Lighting

For the dining room, chandeliers are sized according to both the dining table and the room. The diameter of the chandelier should be 2 feet (24 inches) smaller than the width of the table. This will help to avoid the appearance of overcrowding. Another helpful tip to scale well to the room, the diameter of the chandelier in inches should not exceed the diagonal of the room in feet. In a normal 8’ ceiling, chandeliers should be hung approximately 36” (inches) over the table (measurement is from the bottom of the chandelier). For each additional foot of ceiling height, raise the chandelier 3”. Regardless of the chandelier’s design, these lighting fixtures should be accompanied with a dimming system to control the light intensity. This will help create lighting for a pleasing affect. A chandelier can not be the sole source of lighting for your area, therefore supplemental lighting from wall sconces can be used to generate ambient lighting.

Lighting Other Rooms

A chandelier is not just for a formal dining room. The ever-expanding choices of chandelier styles, finishes and design options have increased chandelier popularity. Whatever your décor, whatever your lifestyle, a chandelier can add comfort and distinction to any room, including the living room, den, great room, media room, kitchen, bath and home office. Specially designed chandeliers for use in damp or wet areas are ideal for the patio, bath, swimming pool cabana, workshop, garage and gazebo.

M&M Lighting - the Chandelier Specialists:

Each member of our chandelier sales and service staff has been thoroughly trained on every brand of chandelier and pendant we provide. Our people are knowledgeable experts on chandeliers of all types, styles and manufacturers. We remain current on trends in the chandelier industry and new innovations in chandelier and pendant design. The M&M Lighting difference in chandeliers is a commitment to quality at every level. We can offer solid advice and make experienced recommendations for the right chandeliers and pendants for your home.

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