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Displaying fine art is a delicate balance of science and art. The goal is to showcase the aesthetic beauty of artwork in a home with special art lighting and picture lighting fixtures. Placement of those art work lighting fixtures takes an artistic eye, one that uses state - of the art - picture lighting fixtures to bring the art to life. Artwork should be lit with museum-quality art work lighting fixtures, capable of fine light control and precise light placement. Each art lighting and picture lighting fixture must be placed and adjusted with perfectly so that the light source is invisible and so that there is no light spillover around the piece of artwork.

Art work lighting should highlight only the painting, not the surrounding wall. Picture lighting should make colors pop from a canvas. Lighting should enhance the three-dimensional qualities of a statuette. Lighting should add intensity and depth to every piece of art displayed.

M&M Lighting - Art Lighting Specialists:

M&M Lighting can provide quality engineered art work lighting fixtures for showcasing a single oil painting or an entire collection of cut glass. We have the expertise to select and place art lighting and picture lighting fixtures exactly where the effect will be the most dramatic and where the light source is undetectable. We have the particular art work lighting solution for every home and every piece of art. M&M Lighting has the lighting fixture you need, in stock, ready to transform your home into an art gallery.

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